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Ryan  Hicks
03/06/14 04:40:47PM @ryan-hicks:
From the upcoming album, Prairie Ocean (late May, 2014)
Sons Of None
01/31/14 10:00:31AM @sons-of-none:
The band was created in 2008 by four high-school friends who shared a love for music, but had different tastes. Playing under different names at first, the band went through a rough time getting gigs. It wasn't until a show in Old San Juan that Sons Of None made its name among the other local bands. Since then, Sons Of None has been playing continuously in diverse sceneries, some have been good, some have been bad, but the important thing is that Sons Of None has kept, and will keep, playing.
JT Hawk
01/27/14 10:14:08AM @jt-hawk:
Entertainment has been a constant in my life,Whether it came through music or through wrestling.
In the wrestling world I am known as The Cutter.
In the music world I am known as JT HAWK.
My bio starts just like my songs they all come from the heart.
I am a simple man that is plain to see, I am what I am and that is only me.
I was born in Bloomington Indiana, and at the age of 3 mom and dad had me pick up a Guitar, and that was it I was hooked.They encouraged me to learn every instrument that I could get my hands on.
Being raised in a family of 5 children, harmony singing was a large part of the foundation of our family.
Later in life while serving our great country, I learned that my voice had a unique sound that could mimic others tones. This became entertaining to those that served with me in the Army over my two terms. In this I found that life is nothing Without a sense of humor.
After taking on fire, and receiving an injury and then being released from duty, I pushed myself further into wrestling.
Enjoying entertaining the crowds and being a part Of something spectacular.
Hearing the cheers and seeing the smiles of the crowd brought my happiness.
Making others forget about their troubles and enjoy their life in the moment while I entertain them makes it all worth it.
It was at that moment I became a part of the music entertainment world as well.
I enjoy writing, singing and playing instruments to entertain anyone willing to listen. Always believing that every song worth singing and every word worth writing comes directly from the heart.
01/11/14 02:49:15AM @megan-bennett:
Megan Bennett the brainchild of Orange County is the new discovery in rock n roll music. Meg a rock singer, writer and performer. Mysterious and intimidating. This wild, free spirit who looks like she just came from running away, with a biker gang of older hippies, is the real deal in rock n roll. Everything about Megan is premeditated. She is the master mind behind all her projects. A visionary, who never felt like she belonged anywhere but on stage.
She was raised by the politically aware documentaries of the 60′s and 70′s. She claims John Lennon is her guardian angel, inspiring her to be nothing short of revolutionary. Old Rock N
01/09/14 04:54:38PM @ladyg:
Good progression on Gravity, rocks out well as it goes.